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Achieving Results Through Human Performance Improvements | taught by Ken Miller
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Real estate sales is a personal relationship business.

I have yet to meet anyone in real estate who refutes this.

However, there is this parallel reality.

It remains a mystery to me why sales agents will spend hundreds of hours and untold dollars to learn the skills of writing a contract or listing agreement and other nuts and bolts and then devote zero, nada, time or effort acquiring the necessary people knowledge skills so necessary to survive in today's new market reality.

It is this reality that sabotages every working agent's chances of building the skills and relationships necessary to succeed in this business.

What got you here-will get you there, the time for change is here! In this course Marketing & Sales Psychology we take the first fundamental look at developing the essential skills of understanding the many facets of dealing with your seller and buyer alike.

Today's real estate sales professional is facing competition from some of the most unlikely directions. The very existence of the agent, as known today, is in the crosshairs of some of the largest and most well-funded companies dedicated to the demise of today's agent. To think that an agent can successfully operate on yesterday's skill set is pure fantasy! (Dead man walking!)

In the real estate world, there is a plethora of sources to learn the nuts and bolts of this business. How to fill out listing contracts, what to do in the event of this or that. Prospecting, getting the listing, ad infinitum. There are people who charge thousands of dollars to teach the sales process basics, mainly amounting to nothing more than fill-in the blanks training and coaching.

All of which appears to me, to be putting the cart before the horse. You do all this stuff and still lack the necessary and appropriate skills for dealing with people. Yes, that ever variable commodity “people knowledge”. Without this one skill, everything else is academic!

A key part of being a great marketer is understanding how (and why) people think and act the way they do. It's much harder to create compelling content marketing, for example, if you don't understand why it would be compelling to your audience in the first place.

This is where looking at your marketing activities through a psychological lens pays enormous benefits.

If you understand some of the basic elements of psychology -- and understand how those principles influence how people think, feel, and behave -- you can better connect with people, influence their behavior, and hopefully, see better business results.

So let's get started with some lessons on some psychology basics that should help you understand human needs, and key principles of human behavior.

TREZ Learning Center will provide the knowledge and training to establish every real estate sales professional as the "go to" for real estate transactions. Understanding the difference between marketing and branding. What is your personal brand and how to develop and establish that in your market-place, much, much more!

Ken Miller
Ken Miller
Instructor Title

Former real estate broker who has morphed into a marketing and counselor sales trainer. author, speaker, coach.

Helping sales agents transition and grow into counselors! Never has acquiring this skill been more relevant. Truth is, can/should be classified as a career survival skill!

Ken Miller is a life long learner and teacher, who is passionate about helping people learn to communicate better and his programs are as engaging as they are entertaining.

Ken's commitment to exponential learning delivered with pizzzazz, his affinity for people and fun loving attitude create a welcoming atmosphere where learners embrace engaging, adopting, and implementing new methods and ideas.

After many years of being the guy putting the real estate sign in the yard and good many more years as a marketing and sales achiever, small business owner, and life student it was time to give back and share the many, many pearls of wisdom gleaned from the crucible of life. Time to get paid for what I know and not what I do.

I've earned a few combat kudos along the way!

Sometimes, you want to pick up the phone and talk, well, the number is shown below and of course emails are always welcome.

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